TAS+SD is proud to announce its CONSERVATORY PROGRAM, beginning September 2016.  Students in grades 6 through 9* may apply for the 2017-2018 academic year.  The program is geared towards young performing artists who seek highly focused training in theatre.  Students will train with top notch theatre educators and artists.  Coursework is taught in 3-6 week units such as: 

Unit One:  Theatre History in the Western Hemisphere / Greek and Roman Theatre

Unit Two:  Meisner and Stanislavsky Approaches to Acting

Unit Three:  Authenticity in Musical Theatre Performance

Unit Four:  American Drama

Unit Five:  Intro to Shakespeare

Unit Six:  On Camera Acting for the On Stage Actor

Unit Seven:  Storytelling through Movement

Unit Eight:  Chekov and Play Analysis

Unit Nine:  Mind and Body Awareness for the Theatre Performer

Unit Ten:  Commedia del'Arte / Mask Work

Unit Eleven:  Music Theory for the Theatre Performer

Unit Twelve:  Audition Techniques


  • Students are automatically accepted into ALL productions at TAS+SD, if they choose to perform.  (Normal production fees apply.)
  • They are featured in TAS+SD’s Winter Recital (included in Conservatory fee.)
  • They have three performance showcases (included in Conservatory fee.)
  • They may participate in ANY TAS+SD workshop with a 25% discount.
  • They train with the BEST instructors San Diego has to offer!  
  • The program will grow with the students.  Next year, we will offer Conservatory Level 2 for students who have successfully completed Conservatory Level 1.



Mondays, 4:30-6:45 (excluding holidays)


Three showcases will be held:  November, February, and May.  The Winter Recital is held in December.  (Dates TBA)


$200 per month (9 month program)


By audition only.  Applicants should prepare one monologue (approx. one minute in length) and a full song.  Please bring accompaniment on an iPod, or mp3 player.  No CD’s please.  Auditions will be scheduled August 13-August 31.  To schedule an appointment, please call (619) 786-6068, or email:  Courtney@TheatreArtsSD.org


How will the Conservatory program help me?

These days, there is an abundance of talented young theatre performers.  Many if you have seen this, for instance, when you go to a professional audition or have seen the large numbers of applicants for university programs.  There are many, many GOOD performers.  They can belt high notes.  They can do triple pirouettes.  But, the difference between GOOD and GREAT is outstanding.  What is lacking in the performance of many young performers is authentic acting training.  Someone can sing a song with technical prowess, but that song will not move an audience (or a casting director) if there is not honest storytelling motivating the performance.  Acting is a craft, and students in Conservatory will work to refine their craft with great specificity, focus, and detail.

What is expected of a Conservatory student?

Students are expected to attend all Monday classes (excluding national holidays.)  Students will be given "projects" to work on at home, such as monologues, scenes, and songs, and should be prepared for each class.  Students should be respectful, mindful, and diligent.  They are expected to perform at all showcases and the Winter Recital.  If possible, they are encouraged to participate in other performance opportunities at TAS+SD.  It will enhance their training experience in the Conservatory program.

What if I am in grades 10-12, but I would still like to be a part of the program?

Please call us at (619) 786-6068.  We will discuss your goals and experience level and see if the program would be a good fit for you.

What if I have occasional conflicts with the Monday class meeting time?

Some allowances will be made if a student is cast in a production and has, for instance, a tech conflict.  If a student misses a class, they are responsible for the material they missed.  We will provide resources to help them with makeup work.  Excessive conflicts will not help the student, nor the program.  A discussion about conflicts will occur at the audition.

Will there be singing and dancing in Conservatory?

Yes.  All students will work on musical theatre repertoire throughout the program year.  However, the major focus on vocal material will be on the acting approach.  We will also study dance, but again, the focus is on storytelling through movement.  We encourage Conservatory students to also take vocal lessons and dance classes to work on skills.  Vocal lessons are available at TAS+SD, and the Dance Place building (where we are located) has three wonderful dance companies which offer dance classes. 

Do I receive any recognition for completing the program?

Yes.  Level One students who successfully complete the 2016-2017 will receive a Level One certificate. There will be a ceremony to honor our students.  They are then eligible to participate in Level Two. 

What happens if I need to leave the program mid-year?

Conservatory is a 9 month commitment.  (This is also a topic which will be discussed in the audition.)  However, if there are unforeseen circumstances that mean a student needs to leave mid-year, the student will not receive the Level One Certificate.  If they would like to join Conservatory another year, they will need to restart the Level One program before moving forward to Level Two. 

May I join the program mid-year?

Students may join Conservatory the first week of October.  They will still need to audition, and will only be admitted late to the program if the director feels it is advantageous to the student and the program.  They will be responsible for the work they missed in September, and will be provided resources to help them with the missed work.

Is there a cancellation fee for leaving the program early?

Yes.  The cancellation fee for Conservatory is $350.  If a students drops mid month, they must pay for that month, as well as the cancellation fee.

What is the tuition fee and how are payments made?

The $200 monthly tuition is due the first day of each month.  Some months have five Mondays, some months only four.  Some Mondays are national holidays.  The $200 monthly tuition stays consistent throughout the 9 month program, regardless of the number of Monday class meetings.  TAS+SD will invoice students, and payments can be made by credit card which is kept on file.  If a student prefers to make payments by cash or check (payable to TAS+SD), please be aware there is a $25 late fee for payments made after the fifth day of the month.

What if I do not have Monday availability, cannot commit to the 9 months, or I do not get into the Conservatory Program?

There are wonderful classes at TAS+SD, such a Elements of Acting:  Monologues and Scene Study, and Musical Theatre Vocal Styles that could be a good fit for you.