What parents and students are saying…

"This is honestly one of the best groups I've ever been with. The experience of being in "La Grande Bataille Culinaire" was completely new for me. Having a new part of the script was like reading a book for the first time with a group of people, but the story was so fresh and new. I can honestly say that I've never been in a production that had more heart. I wouldn't trade the experience for the world and if I could do it all again I would. Yeah, there were some long days and a ton of painting, but it was worth every brush stroke."

Alexis, student

"Courtney Corey has created a program at Theatre Arts School of San Diego where kids who are passionate about the arts can fully explore their creative potential and thrive. In addition to her own expertise and contagious enthusiasm, Courtney has attracted top-notch talent from Broadway – including Eden Espinosa, Evan D’Angeles and Josh Rhodes – to teach Master Classes and workshops. Through TAS+SD, our daughter continually evolves as an artist and it’s been really exciting to watch her put her learning into practice on the stage."

Megan, parent

"Courtney puts her heart and soul into everything she does.  My 8 year old daughter has worked with her for the past 3 years.  Not only is Courtney one of the most talented individuals I know;  she is also loving, patient, and kind to all.  Courtney has trained my daughter in acting, singing, audition preparation and so much more.  She has given my daughter skills and confidence to be successful.  She is a wonderful mentor and my daughter has grown tremendously from working with her.  Courtney makes each student feel special and brings out the best in every student she works with!"

Tammy, parent

"An absolutely beautiful theatre group that I am so thankful to have found. I've loved every show I've done here, and I'm very excited to continue with many shows to come with TAS+SD!"

Hayley, student

"Our son has been taking classes and doing musical theatre at TAS+SD for 5 years. We consider our family truly fortunate to have found this gem. Courtney is an extremely gifted artist that has an exceptional work ethic and dedication. She has an ability to bring out the very best in every child. We are always blown away at what the children can do and it is all done in such an enthusiastic, caring, and supportive environment. Courtney has taught my son, my husband and me to love the arts and reminds us to live life with passion! TAS+SD is an incredibly unique place and we are happy to be a part of it."

Zandra, parent

"Courtney and TAS+SD are unique in that they create original plays and give all kids opportunities to be cast in roles tailored to each student (and supporting their strengths). The classes are fun, exciting, creative, and affordable. Courtney is a really gifted professional and an amazing teacher and role model for the kids. My daughter has benefited immensely from the theater classes and plays - being on stage has increased her self-confidence and she is always excited about public speech and performing arts."

M.L., parent

"Courtney's the best, she does it all including putting together great summer camps! If you're looking for a fun-filled and creative summer camp for your kids, look no further. Our son first tried one of her camps four years ago and absolutely loved it! Both he and his younger brother have participated in more camps and every musical production she has put on since then."

Thao, parent

"My son and daughter have been taking classes, private lessons and participating in productions at Theatre Arts School of San Diego for over 6 years. My kids have learned so much and made so many terrific friends through TAS+SD. Courtney Corey and her staff have created a wonderful place for kids to be themselves. My kids are confident and creative because of their many experiences at Theatre Arts School of San Diego."

Melissa, parent

"At TAS+SD the kids are surrounded by talented and creative directors and mentors. They learn while being encouraged to have fun and be themselves, which makes this a very special and unique place to grow. Both of my kids have had a blast in the theatre and musical programs."

Jodi, parent

"I'm blown away by Courtney's talent, abilities, unending work ethic, and loving, enthusiastic, strong, positive, management of so many children at once, day after day. Uncanny!! She's AMAZING!"

Marie, grandparent

“Our son, Liam, has been studying with Courtney for almost five years. Courtney has been instrumental in helping him improve his singing, acting, and audition skills. As a result of Courtney’s coaching, Liam has gained self confidence and has landed every role he has auditioned for. But most importantly, Courtney has fostered a love of the arts with Liam. Liam is grateful and honored to have Courtney as a mentor.”

Susan, parent

“I love working with Courtney! Her passion for her craft and open mind to risks and possibilities is contagious. Courtney possesses a keen understanding concerning the depths of human nature, and it’s a thrill developing and learning about characters alongside her. She will push you to search far beyond the lines written on the page. Her unwavering patience and personal care for her students is, to me, invaluable. When I worked with her the first time, everything she said to me suddenly clicked. I got it!  And more importantly, as teacher and student we clicked. I felt from the start she knew exactly how to communicate to me in a way I could process and apply. She allows you to build confidence and faith in yourself as a person and artist.”

Alexis, student

"Our son has taken both a small scriptwriting-and-performance class and the big spring musical production class, and both were excellent. Courtney Corey is a successful professional actor (lead roles in Wicked & Rent) who can also write, direct, design, choreograph and inspire kids, from little ones to teenagers, to have fun while creating fantastic art. She leads through kindness and imagination and great expectations of every child."

Pamela, parent

"'The Jungle Book' closed last night after an amazing four-night, sold-out run. Not only were the script and musical score original, but she customized parts of the play during the process to bring out the best in each and every young actor. What an amazing treat. We can't wait for the next show!"

Jennifer, parent

"Courtney is amazing! She brings out the best in every student and they all LOVE her!"

Zandra, parent

"So glad we found Ms. Courtney for our son. He enjoys his class and enjoyed being a part of the recent play "The Jungle Book.' We, as a family, have enjoyed being part of the project , as well. It was such wonderful experience for us. Looking forward to any upcoming projects Ms. Courtney has for us."

Irene, parent


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