I recently had a parent remark how proud she was of her daughter’s experience here at TAS+SD by saying, “there is no fast food theatre training at Theatre Arts School of San Diego.” This insightful mom hit the nail on the head! We live in a world where we want things FAST and EASY. If we want to listen to a song, we CLICK on Spotify and have it within seconds. If we want to order a pair of shoes, Amazon is just ONE CLICK away. We live in product-driven society, and are quickly losing sight of the processes that get us to the places we want to be. But it is in PROCESS that we find MEANING. In PROCESS we discover our value. In PROCESS, we find our artistic voice. If we delve into PROCESS, our PRODUCT will always be rewarding.

At TAS+SD, we give students the tools they need to develop into the WHOLE ARTIST. This will not only help them to create amazing performances, but will provide them LONG-TERM CAREERS in the theatre arts. As a theatre educator, my job is not to “book students on gigs.” My job is to help them become artists that can change the world, one performance at a time. It takes time - it takes work - and it is worth every moment.